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Little Hadham Parish Council

Little Hadham Parish Council has a new website: 

 Council documents will not be updated on this site after December 2016.


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16_05_Planning.pdf 16_05_PC.pdf 16_06_Planning.pdf
16_06_PC.pdf 16_07_PC.pdf 16_07_Planning.pdf
16_09_Planning.pdf 16_09_PC.pdf 16_10_Planning.pdf
16_10_PC.pdf 16_11_Planning.pdf 16_11_PC.pdf
16_12_Planning.pdf 16_12_PC.pdf



15_02_Planning.pdf 15_02__PC.pdf 15_03_Planning.pdf
15_03__PC.pdf 15_04_Planning.pdf 15_04__PC.pdf
15_05_Planning.pdf 15_05__PC.pdf 15_05_Annual__PC.pdf
15_06_Planning.pdf 15_06__PC.pdf 15_07_Planning.pdf
15_07__PC.pdf 15_09_Planning.pdf 15_09__PC.pdf
15_10_Planning.pdf 15_10__PC.pdf 15_11_Planning.pdf
15_11__PC.pdf 15_12_Planning.pdf 15_12__PC.pdf



14_02_Planning.pdf 14_02__PC.pdf 14_03_Planning.pdf 14_03__PC.pdf
14_04_assembly.pdf 14_04_Planning.pdf 14_04__PC.pdf 14_05_Annual__PC.pdf
14_05_Planning.pdf 14_05__PC.pdf 14_06_Planning.pdf 14_06__PC.pdf
14_07_Planning.pdf 14_07__PC.pdf 14_09_Planning.pdf 14_09__PC.pdf
14_10_Planning.pdf 14_10__PC.pdf 14_11_Planning.pdf 14_11__PC.pdf
14_12_Planning.pdf 14_12__PC.pdf


13_02_Planning.pdf 13_02__PC.pdf 13_03_Planning.pdf 13_03__PC.pdf
13_04_assembly.pdf 13_04_Planning.pdf 13_04__PC.pdf 13_05_Annual__PC.pdf
13_05_Planning.pdf 13_05__PC.pdf 13_06_Planning.pdf 13_06__PC.pdf
13_07_Planning.pdf 13_07__PC.pdf 13_09_Planning.pdf 13_09__PC.pdf
13_10_Planning.pdf 13_10__PC.pdf 13_11_Planning.pdf 13_11__PC.pdf
13_12_Planning.pdf 13_12__PC.pdf


12_02_Planning.pdf 12_02__PC.pdf 12_03_Planning.pdf 12_03__PC.pdf
12_04_assembly.pdf 12_04_Planning.pdf 12_04__PC.pdf 12_05_Annual__PC.pdf
12_05_Planning.pdf 12_05__PC.pdf 12_06_Planning.pdf 12_06__PC.pdf
12_07_Planning.pdf 12_07__PC.pdf 12_09_Planning.pdf 12_09__PC.pdf
12_10_Planning.pdf 12_10__PC.pdf 12_11_Planning.pdf 12_11__PC.pdf
12_12_Planning.pdf 12_12__PC.pdf


11_02_Planning.pdf 11_02__PC.pdf 11_03_Planning.pdf 11_03__PC.pdf
11_04_assembly.pdf 11_04_Planning.pdf 11_04__PC.pdf 11_05_Annual__PC.pdf
11_05_Planning.pdf 11_05__PC.pdf 11_06_Planning.pdf 11_06__PC.pdf
11_07_Planning.pdf 11_07__PC.pdf 11_09_Planning.pdf 11_09__PC.pdf
11_10_Planning.pdf 11_10__PC.pdf 11_11_Planning.pdf 11_11__PC.pdf
11_12_Planning.pdf 11_12__PC.pdf



10_02_Planning.pdf 10_02__PC.pdf 10_03_Planning.pdf 10_03__PC.pdf
10_04_assembly.pdf 10_04_Planning.pdf 10_04__PC.pdf 10_05_Annual__PC.pdf
10_05_Planning.pdf 10_05__PC.pdf 10_06_Planning.pdf 10_06__PC.pdf
10_07_Planning.pdf 10_07__PC.pdf 10_09_Planning.pdf 10_09__PC.pdf
10_10_Planning.pdf 10_10__PC.pdf 10_11_Planning.pdf 10_11__PC.pdf
10_12_Planning.pdf 10_12__PC.pdf


09_02_Planning.pdf 09_02__PC.pdf 09_03_Planning.pdf 09_03__PC.pdf
09_04_assembly.pdf 09_04_Planning.pdf 09_04__PC.pdf 09_05_Annual__PC.pdf
09_05_Planning.pdf 09_05__PC.pdf 09_06_Planning.pdf 09_06__PC.pdf
09_07_Planning.pdf 09_07__PC.pdf 09_09_Planning.pdf 09_09__PC.pdf
09_10_Planning.pdf 09_10__PC.pdf 09_11_Planning.pdf 09_11__PC.pdf
09_12_Planning.pdf 09_12__PC.pdf


08_01_Planning_extra.pdf 08_02_Planning.pdf 08_02__PC.pdf 08_03_Planning.pdf
08_03__PC.pdf 08_04_assembly.pdf 08_04_Planning.pdf 08_04__PC.pdf
08_05_Annual__PC.pdf 08_05__PC.pdf 08_06_Planning.pdf 08_06__PC.pdf
08_07_Planning.pdf 08_07__PC.pdf 08_09_Planning.pdf 08_09__PC.pdf
08_10_Planning.pdf 08_10__PC.pdf 08_11_Planning.pdf 08_11__PC.pdf
08_12_Planning.pdf 08_12__PC.pdf



07_02_Planning.pdf 07_02__PC.pdf 07_03_Planning.pdf 07_03__PC.pdf
07_04_assembly.pdf 07_04_Planning.pdf 07_04__PC.pdf 07_05_Annual__PC.pdf
07_05_Planning.pdf 07_05__PC.pdf 07_06_Planning.pdf 07_06__PC.pdf
07_07_Planning.pdf 07_07_Planning_extra.pdf 07_07__PC.pdf 07_09_Planning.pdf
07_09__PC.pdf 07_10_Planning.pdf 07_10__PC.pdf 07_11_Planning.pdf
07_11__PC.pdf 07_12_Planning.pdf 07_12__PC.pdf


06_02_Planning.pdf 06_02__PC.pdf 06_03_Planning.pdf 06_03__PC.pdf
06_04_Planning.pdf 06_04_Planning.pdf 06_04__PC.pdf 06_05_Annual__PC.pdf
06_05_Planning.pdf 06_05__PC.pdf 06_06_Planning.pdf 06_06__PC.pdf
06_07_Planning.pdf 06_07__PC.pdf 06_09_Planning.pdf 06_09__PC.pdf
06_10_Planning.pdf 06_10__PC.pdf 06_11_Planning.pdf 06_11__PC.pdf
06_12_Planning.pdf 06_12__PC.pdf


05_02_Planning.pdf 05_02__PC.pdf 05_03_Planning.pdf 05_03__PC.pdf
05_04_assembly.pdf 05_04_Planning.pdf 05_04__PC.pdf 05_05_Annual__PC.pdf
05_05_Planning.pdf 05_05__PC.pdf 05_06_Planning.pdf 05_06__PC.pdf
05_07_Planning.pdf 05_07__PC.pdf 05_08__PC.pdf 05_09_Planning.pdf
05_09__PC.pdf 05_10_Planning.pdf 05_10__PC.pdf 05_11_Planning.pdf
05_11__PC.pdf 05_12_Planning.pdf 05_12__PC.pdf


04_02__PC.pdf 04_03__PC.pdf 04_04__PC.pdf 04_05_Annual__PC.pdf
04_05_PC.pdf 04_06_PC.pdf 04_07_PC.pdf 04_10_PC.pdf
04_10_Planning.pdf 04_11_PC.pdf 04_11_Planning.pdf 04_12_PC.pdf


03_05_Annual_PC.pdf 03_05_assembly.pdf 03_05_PC.pdf 03_09_PC.pdf
03_10_PC.pdf 03_11_PC.pdf 03_12_PC.pdf
Consultation on the allocation of additional pitches to gypsies and travellers in East Herts Print E-mail
Little Hadham Parish Council

The Parish Council (PC) and Little Hadham Conservation Society (LHCS) are urging all residents to respond to the latest public consultation on the allocation of additional pitches to gypsies and travellers in East Herts.

At an earlier stage in proceedings, consultants employed by East Herts Council listed two sites in Little Hadham as possible locations.  This consultation, for which the deadline is May 22 2009, is concerned with site numbers, not locations, but it is vitally important for people to register their views.

Read more... [Consultation on the allocation of additional pitches to gypsies and travellers in East Herts]
The Parish Plan: has it made a difference? Print E-mail
Little Hadham Parish Council

Parties for teddy bears and scarecrows, the best aerial runway outside Disneyland (well, we think so), and more people surfing the web – these are just some of the ticked boxes since Little Hadham’s Parish Plan was published in June 2006. But what contribution has the parish plan made towards the main aim of building community spirit? Discovering the answer to that question is the purpose of the short questionnaire in this month’s Parish News. Has the plan delivered’? And what would you like to see in the next edition of the plan? Here’s a chance to have your say about what kind of place you want Little Hadham to be. Don’t let others decide. Please complete the questionnaire included in febraury's parish magasine and return it to the address provided. Thank you!

Objection to bigger ‘trading estate’ Print E-mail
Little Hadham Parish Council
The Parish Council has objected to proposals that could make the site of the former Hadham Water bottling plant a major industrial and trading estate. At a special meeting of the parish council’s planning committee (it does not normally sit in January), objections were raised to an application for a change of use of agricultural buildings at Church End Farm to enable them to be used for other commercial purposes.
Read more... [Objection to bigger ‘trading estate’]

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